Healing Hands by Justin has a range of treatments you may be looking for, I also specialise in other alternative treatments you may not be aware are available. See below for a list of our treatments.



90min (Full Body) $120. Save $30

A wonderful way to open up as spring arrives. Available for a limited time only. 1st Nov 2018 - 30th Nov 2018.

  • Back massage

  • Facial massage

  • Hand massage

  • Foot massage

  • Reiki

Spring into action and book your massage NOW.

Counselling and Well-being coaching
60min $60.00

Recently completing a Diploma in Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, I can offer sessions for individuals and couples, focusing on conflict resolution, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, and gestalt therapy. Working with all genders, ages, and sexualities, I work closely to help each client identify with and work through issue or situations they are currently experiencing.  

You are in safe hands.


Swedish Massage 
​30min $50.00
60min $90.00 
90min $130.00
A continuous flow of relaxing movements that encourage the stimulation of blood and lymphatic flow. Calm the mind and eases muscle tension.
Indian Head Massage
​30min $50.00
60min  $90.00

Releasing meridian and marma points on the head, neck and shoulders is one of this treatments secrets to success. One hour head massages include a back massage for an ultimate experience.


Lomi Lomi Massage
Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Technique
​60min $100.00 (Half Body)
90min $150.00

Light, medium or firm massage using organic Coconut oil, including long full body sweeps. This massage has a great influence on the energy flow of the body and helps to balance the chakras. Please note we DO NOT offer shower facilaties before or after treatment. We will offer aromatic hot towels for removal of any excess oil on the skin.


​30min $50.00
60min $90.00

Reflexology was practiced in Ancient Egypt and China as a form of foot therapy for healing. In our modern world, we rediscover and refine the technique to deliver an optimum benifit for healing.  This is the perfect add-on for any treatment or drift away with pleasant thoughts while your feet are nurtured into a blissful state.

Hot Stone Massage
​60min $100.00 (Half Body)
90min $150.00

Warmed Basalt stones the melt muscle tension from the core and influence the detoxification of muscle tissue and connective tissues. This massage is a good alternative to Remedial Massage Treatments.


Reiki and Sound Meditation.
​30min $50.00 (Sound Meditation)
60min $90.00

Healing through the used of Reiki energy has shown changes in the energetic flow in the body and dispelled tension. Sound Therapy is an experience the sinks you into the subconcious mind to focus you into the present moment and release old negative patterns.

Please note we do not offer Remedial massage treatments. We withhold the right to refuse any treatment, if treatments could cause further damage to current illnesses or injuries. We are a strictly non-sexual practice. Please note we DO NOT offer shower facilities before or after massage treatments.